Enabling you to change the world


My web site www.enablingchange.com.au has a rich collection of tools, papers and resources on changeology.

Resources include:

The problem with Social Marketing – why you can’t sell change like soap
This paper presents a critique of Social Marketing. Why the answer to “wicked” problems requires different approaches. The paper. (140k PDF)

Introduction to the Diffusion of Innovations
A succinct introduction to the model of change that focuses on innovation design, viral communications, and satisfying the needs of users. Download. (259k PDF)
[This article is very popular. It gets downloaded more thn 4,000 times a month.]

How to change the world – one conversation at a time
Prepared for the Australian Conservation Foundation – a short guide to hosting conversations that lead people to action in their lives, businesses and communities. (292k PDF)

How-to tip sheets for community groups
Starting a community group? These 18 practical how-to sheets simplify the key tasks in community organising. Everything from starting a committee to getting members to attend meetings.

Test your changeABILITY
Take this enjoyable quiz to check whether your next behaviour change project is likely to achieve its goals.

For more, go to: www.enablingchange.com.au


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