Enabling you to change the world

About me

I train and consult around behaviour change at the scale of groups and populations. I meet amazing change makers with amazing stories. Here I’ll share some insights.

I’m also the author of Changeology, How to enable groups, communities, and societies to do things they’ve never done before, a book that distills into 6 principles the essence of what change makers, social and motivational psychologists, and diffusion scholars have been telling us for over 60 years.

Although I’ve been a social marketer, I’m a firm believer that social marketing can’t save the world, nor can engineering, planning, psychology or any other single discipline. Good work happens when we mix disciplines and cross boundaries. That’s one theme I want to explore in this blog.

For lots of change tools and an overview of what I do, check my web site: www.enablingchange.com.au

– Les Robinson


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