Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,


It’s with pleasure that I announce the imminent publication of Changeology – How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies to Do Things They’ve Never Done Before.


To those who read and offered feedback on the draft chapters (then provisionally entitled How to Change the World), thank you. I hope you love the result.


It’s intended to be a comprehensive practical guide to making change – one that’s a pleasure to read. There’s one chapter on each of the six ingredients of buzz, hope, enabling environments, sticky solutions, comfy zones, and invitation. Each chapter is interleafed with methods that show how to activate the ingredient in a real life project.


One reviewer described it as “a cornucopia of positive ideas and exciting approaches to achieve real, sustained change, illustrated with fascinating examples from around the world.”


The 267 page book is being published by Green Books in the UK (on 18 October) and by Scribe in Australia and NZ. An eBook will be launched as well and I’ll put the link on my website. The paperback edition can be ordered directly from Green Books or Amazon.


For those who are curious, there’s a quick summary and a sample chapter at


Once again, thanks for your interest and support over the years – especially those who participated in the Enabling Change workshops where so many of these ideas were brewed.