I know some of you have been following the amazingly slow release of draft chapters of How to Change the World. I’m very grateful for those who have offered critical comments.

 The draft of the latest chapter, “Create an enabling environment”, is available below, and can also be downloaded from my website: www.enablingchange.com.au

“Create an enabling enviroment”, aka “It’s the system, stupid!”, explains how every behaviour is enabled or disabled by the environment in which people make their day-to-day choices. It describes, with compelling case studies, the six ways that we can modify environments to increase the take-up of desired behaviours: building a community, creating easiness, lowering the price, raising the price, thwarting and regulation, as well as some of the risks of these approaches.

I hope you like it.

Comments, as always, are greatly appreciated.

P.S. UK publisher Green Books has agreed to publish the book in late 2012.

P.P.S. For those thinking of enrolling in the latest round of workshops, there are still places left. See www.enablingchange.com.au