Dear friends and colleagues,

As you know, I’ve had a long interest in theories of behaviour change (I know, get a life). The problem, of course, is that there are so many of them. So one thing I’ve tried to do, as much for my own needs as anyone else’s, is to create an integrated model that can generate insights in any situation. I’ve called it “5 Doors” and, naturally, it’s a work in progress. The latest incarnation may be of interest to keen behaviour changers because it focuses on “enabling context” more strongly than in previous models. The more I learn about change the more I discover about the power of context to shape behaviour. It’s become apparent to me that context interventions are vital parts of any change program. I’ve also clarified the concept of Desirability – an idea that’s so sprawling it’s taken me years to pack it up.

I hope you like it:

Best wishes

– Les

P.S. If you have any feedback, let me know.